Unexplained Temporary Ban

Hi, I have been playing Forza 4 since 2011.
I have received a message from Turn 10 Community Team saying I have been banned until 23/12/2015?
I would like to know why I was banned, I do a lot of paintjobs and replicas and all of them are my designs and my tunes. I did not upload any designs nor tunes which aren’t mine.

Also banning me without a reason is very unsettling, I would like to know why I was banned. If it was for one of the photos I uploaded because it showed a hacked car. It wasn’t mine. I was only taking a photo. If you guys tell me what I did wrong. I can try to avoid it. And please remove this ban of me as soon as possible, I didn’t do anything wrong. I don’t mod, I don’t hack, I don’t even ruin other players’ games.

I emailed forzafb@microsoft.com and I got this reply:
Thank you for contacting Turn 10 Studios. Due to the volume of mail we receive, we cannot individually respond to all e-mails sent to us.

And they sent some links which doesn’t answer my question as to why I was banned.

Does anyone have any other advice as to where to go with this problem.

Why you were banned was for the use of an illegally hacked car as noticed in a several replays, not just a photo you may have taken for a friend. That’s a violation of the Xbox Live Code of Conduct for illegally reverse-engineering proprietary software (the game as created by Turn 10).

Have patience on receiving a response to your email. This is a holiday week in the USA, and a lot of the employees will be spending time with their families.