Understeer With Thustmaster VG Steering Wheel

I just got the thrustmaster vg for forza 6.

And it understeers like crazy, I know its the game or the steering wheel because it works fine with a controller. Does anyone know how to solve this problem, or am I just gonna have to return this product if it remains useless?

You do understand that the controller has all kinds of assists built into it so you can go into a corner and just mash the stick right or left and then it gives you just the right amount of steering angle to get you through the corner, right? Well, you do not get those same assists when using a wheel. You have to use finesse when turning, giving the wheel just the right amount of turn to negotiate the corner without exceeding the traction limit of the front tires. It takes some getting used to and don’t be surprised if you are seconds off your controller times. We all had to go through it.

By the way, what the heck is a Thrustmaster VG wheel? I never heard of that one.

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