Understeer issues with all Forza Horizon 4 cars

Hello all!

I have both Forza Horizon 3 and 4, but though I perfectly enjoy FH3, it’s not the case of FH4: I have understeer issues with all FH4 cars.

My cars slow down and leave tire tracks on the road each time I turn even slightly.

That ruin my game experience

Is there a solution? Why FH3 and FH4 are so different?

Thanks for help and have a good day.

As you can see in FH3, I have no problem when turning:

Have you checked the settings and assists that you may have set in game?

Please could you possibly send a screenshot of these too

Default car settings
Medium difficulty (drivatar and driving)

UP no help for me?

You said all cars. Even bone stock ones? Not doing tuning or anything eh? It isnt a problem I have seen outside of cars I have heavily modified and monkeyed with the suspension. Steering only has a few options to cause that.

There is some new physics stuff from 3 to 4. What controller type and controller settings for stuff like sensitivity? It is almost like you are perhaps using a racing wheel and wheel is far to sensitive. Snapping full lock or something and breaking front loose. Physics and play for racing wheels are different vs controller or keyboard.

Test for if it is your input device if using a wheel (or controller on PC) is try using a different input device and see if it still does it.

i’d suggest checking your controller / wheel settings

Turn of stability control.

Looks like when I’ve tried keyboard steering. It’s not really possible to play with a keyboard

Yes i wouldn’t be surprised. I vaguely remember turn 10/PG saying that they were going to nerf AWD cars just because they were way to overpowered in FH3. I personally didn’t know what they were going to do, but now i realised they just made them rubbish, not able to put the power down out of a corner. Too many times have i tried to accelerate out of a corner, only to find myself wall-riding while the AI fly pass. But you can overcome it quite easily, just learn to race, learn the limits of your car and how it handles. It can’t be too hard after that.

I use a playstation type controler which I configure with “JoyToStick”:

However, I have the same problem with the keyboard.

Thats your problem right there.Joy to Stick.It’s not the game,it’s the way you are trying to set the controls up.Joy to key emulates key presses,so when you for example turn left,it is actually a key press and full lock probably to the left.It’s not going to work correctly.

The problem isn’t JoyToKey. The problem is that Horizon 4 treats every non supported usb controller/wheel/stick as an defult wheel.

As an default wheel would do, click one button means full lock/accel/brake. This is bad. Steering difficulty can’t change the smart steering on non supported devices. Worked fine on every other PC forza game but not now.

Had a ticket up 2+month about this. Only answer has been that the game might be harder than before. (that took 2month to invastigate). GG

I tend to agree with you here, from the video it looks like the wheels go full lock to the right every time he makes a steering input, which I’d guess makes them instantly lose traction and pushes the car wide. I’d love to see it with telemetry up on the screen.

That said, I just tried driving with keyboard inputs only (and oh god is that harder than it sounds) and didn’t see the same behavior with steering set to normal, but with a different car… as soon as I was up to any speed above 20-30 mph the wheels didn’t go full lock like they do in the video, more like a gradual turn like you’d expect to see, the only way I was able to get it to replicate the same degree of wheel lock at speed was by basically drifting the car by first going left then hard right, and even then it was still a far more gradual turn-in than whats shown in the video.

Edit: here’s the video I shot driving with the keyboard with telemetry up - you can see the full lock steering angle decreases with speed. - with keyboard - YouTube - I think you’re on to something with the game treating it like a wheel since the code seems to compensate for keyboard and XBone controller inputs by limiting the steering angle but I’d imagine with a wheel it wouldn’t.

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I figured out how to repeatably trigger this bug or a bug related to this issue. I have Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog and Thrustmaster TFRP T.Flight Rudder Pedals attached to my computer and if I give any input to either joystic, throttle or rudder pedals, the game disables any smoothing keyboard steering input has and turns steering to digital on or off. The bug persists on all cars until I restart the game.

Video of the bug. At 0:43 I press my rudder pedal and after that the input turns off any smoothing. I didn’t have traction control enabled but with traction control enabled the car starts understeering even more.

Edit: Recorded better and longer video with fwd car and traction control enabled, will post video later when it finishes encoding and uploading.

Edit 2: Better video of the bug. At 5:10 I trigger the bug. The car is C600 Volvo 850R. When the bug occurs, traction control kills the engine in FWD cars and locks the front wheels in all cars even with slightest keypress. You can see this in the video with telemetry and traction control light coming up everytime I press either left or right arrow.


Recorded an video of the issue, As soon as i touch my joystick the game thinks every inputs are wheel inputs. This is with normal steering, no traction control, no stability control. I’m using my keyboard to steer.

Has anyone gotten a fix/solution to this?

My steering wheel does this and its making me insane

On a wheel for me, it was just a combination of playing a bit with my default wheel settings to correct a problem with uncontrollable oversteer, not sure if you are having same with understeer.

For the above video, the issue they were having was their setup for the truck. You can watch it lift the front wheel when it starts to turn. For your issue SnowIzColder, is it all cars doing it, even stock tune? Do you have traction control/stability control/ABS on or off? Being heavy on the brake and braking in turns can cause really bad understeer even with abs on.

Even stock cars yeah :confused: i’ve tried tuning it out with waaaaay softer front and bigger tyres.

slow speeds also just slide forward…

I thought this was the game! I have steering on “sim” (lol) and the game still dampens my input… thats not sim!