Hi everyone, I have played forza since the beginning with drifting being my focus. I’ve won contests, placed in the top 50 and even 25 in the world regularly. That being said, I’m not really a noob when it comes to this series. Only now that this game has come to pc have I been able to play forza on a half decent wheel (logitech g27 with some mods) and its nearly unplayable. The latest update made it a little better but the game, as well as forza apex has one huge issue… The understeer effect. It’s just so over exaggerated, my wheel goes completely limp. This is a really big deal when it comes to drifting as it triggers this effect often, mostly at high angle drifts. I’ve seen that they have added some new sliders in the advanced wheel options as of the last update it would completely improve the game for many people if an UNDERSTEER EFFECT SLIDER(0 being no effect at all and 100 being how it is now) were to be incorporated. im not sure if this is a problem with other wheels but its definately a problem with my g27 hopefully the right people see this others let me know if you agree.

I have been drifting on wheels since forza 2, It has always been an issue since I can remember, lose grip and lose all force at the wheel, it’s not just you don’t worry.

I never tried it yet, but have you guys tried the reverse ffb in the settings. I wonder if instead of losing the ffb it gains it during slides. I’ll probably try it tomorrow and see if it does anything. Watch it be amazing lol, as far as im concerned it couldnt get any worse than it is now.

Im pretty sure that the reverse FFB option literally just inverts what direction the force is applied

Well that sounds worthless…

Totally agree - it’s ludicrous.

Low speed donuts/fig 8s … the front wheels have grip and it feels good, as soon as they start to slide a little though 0 feel. Aside from this the game actually drives well! I’m impressed, but the understeer is just far far too strong. A slider would cure it all 100%…

Also the centre zone is a bit lifeless… would like to be able to stiffen that up a bit, only when I lean on the car do I get weight to the steering!

I don’t race with a wheel so I could be incorrect but if you are managing to get the front wheels to lose traction aren’t you supposed to lose the feel at the wheel? If they are sliding they aren’t gripping and the force applied to a tire that is sliding will be different from one that is gripping.

If the force feedback is a representation of the centrifugal force applied to the front wheels when turning wouldn’t that force be much lower when the tire loses grip and breaks away from its arc?

I remember in my crappy Mitsubishi Eclipse which was the first, last and only FWD car I will ever own if I pushed it too hard and the front tires lost grip I could literally turn the steering wheel to full lock and not feel a bit of change through the front end because the tires were not gripping the road they were sliding over it.

Also in an older Lincoln mark VIII I used to own I hit a patch of slick asphalt after a rain storm and the rear slid out. I was inexperienced with that kind of incident so I grabbed the wheel and over corrected because I could no longer tell what the front end of the car was doing. The rear end was sliding out so far that it was taking all of the force away from the front wheels but the instant the front wheels gripped my Lincoln whipped around and hopped a curb backwards. These cars both had power steering which takes some of the feel out of the wheel but I definitely noticed a difference when my wheels had gone past their gripping points.

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Even if a front wheel is sliding 90 degrees sideways it will still try to turn itself into the direction of the slide, it’s the way it is designed to work.

The problem in a street car is like you said power steering systems can impact the aligning force on the wheel, race cars have much less assistance on the steering for that reason. But the games FFB should not have power steering as a factor at all as that is controlled by the players overall ffb options.

It should be simulating the cars steering forces without power steering to give the best posible experience.

They have improved it slightly (baby steps) but overall it still feels disjointed

Absolutely - you should feel it go lighter when you push way too hard and understeer … but the effect currently is completely lifeless, like you’ve shut the wheel off.

All I’m asking is for it to be toned down… I’m not expecting this to be anything like Assetto corsa, Iracing etc… just something usable would be a nice start!

I know for a fact when my Z is crossed up… I still have weight to my steering!

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