#Under8 Real World 'ring record vs Forza 5 video comparison

Hello Forza friends, if like me you wonder about things like how close the new Nurburgring track is to reality you might like this video comparison. I’ve been having a massive amount of fun trying to match the new front wheel drive 'ring record set by the Renault Megane 275 Trophy-R with a car built to the same spec (based on the Megane RS 250) in Forza. I think the result is incredibly realistic, Turn 10 have done an incredible job with their mapping of the 'ring.

The lap is as close as I could get to the record and the video is pretty well matched throughout, I get a little ahead in the middle section of the lap but am reeled in again by the end, anyway I hope you enjoy:


If you want to show me how it should be done the tuning setup is available for download. I used the Thrustmaster TX wheel to set this lap.

A realistic and immersive experience and above all a truly massive amount of fun!


Wow, that is really awesome. Thanks for posting this, I was always curious if or how close of a comparison forza5 was to real life.

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Awesome video!!! I definitely love how you have the cameras posted. My buddy almost couldn’t tell there was a video game playing!!!

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Excellent video, thanks for making it.

Good stuff! Just knowing that this newest version of the 'Ring is more accurate makes the experience of driving it virtually so much more enjoyable. Thank you for sharing.

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Thanks for the comments all really appreciated, I enjoy making the videos almost as much as playing the game it’s great to have the DVR/Upload feature. I am just stunned how accurate the 'ring lap is and it feels so good when I get a lap really hooked up.

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You are so fast in that Megane, I done 6 laps last night and could not get near you!

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Thank you, I’m more consistent than that quick (how the top of the leaderboard do it I do not know) but I do like my FWD hatches and the Forza 5 model feels very much like many I’ve driven for real, I can really hook up the front end and feel the grip level, a high level of realism. It took me quite a few laps to get to that laptime too - almost enough to get my Renault Factory Driver on the ring alone.

Cool video and a great comparison, it really looks great.

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Just had to share this with you all - I finally ran a 7:54:455 lap (real world record 7:54.36) but even better than that the Forza lap and real world lap are as good as identical, corner for corner as close to identical turn in & apex as I could manage. Astonishingly close to reality.


I’m sure there are quicker 'ring builds in Forza with aero etc but I’m leaving my lap time there because with the same build car as the real world this is as good as identical. Even though Forza is ‘just a game’ I’ve got to say I was ecstatic with this lap.

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