Under Review

Hi, Im MK plays and ive been having some issues with forza community recently, I don’t know where to complain and get help about my issue but im gonna post here. Im getting Reviewed ye again on my new account MKplays Record and I have no idea why. My other account I had got banned for 30 years because people online have ganged up on me and reported me because I was beating them too many times in tag (virus). They’ve found me yet again and ive lost all of my designs on my other account and im under review again on all of my stuff. Im not posting bad stuff.(as far as I know so far) But I still need help if I get banned on this account as well it will be bad because im gonna start recording youtube in about a week and I cant do that if im banned fromyet another account. PLEASE HELP FORZA COMMUNITY!! (forza 4)

Apologies for your frustration, however you should contact Turn 10 at forzafb@microsoft.com

None of the volunteer moderators have authority to discuss anything Under Review by Turn 10, and bans or enforcement of Xbox LIVE’s Terms of Use and Code of Conduct are not discussed on the forums.