Unclean Times

Even if I stay on course, don’t hit anyone, wreck,etc. I always get an unclean time. Please help! Driving me crazy!

Leaving the track boundaries (not necessarily the bitumen - the boundaries are a all over the place), hitting barriers, hitting other cars (or being hit by one), drafting another car, being drafted by another car, using rewind or doing any of these things (except for rewinding) in the last timing sector of the previous lap will end up with a dirty lap. Plenty of threads discussing this in the various forums here on FM.net.

Thanks for your help.

The white lines on many tracks mark the boundaries. In online lobbies its usually because someone is drafting you or you are drafting them. Just being near other cars will tag your times generally.

You can still be legit with 3 wheels over the white line. Soften that suspension bump, start driving precise with 2-3 wheels in the grass at select corner apexes and set some killer times :smiley:

I always wondered what caused that even when driving clean. Good stuff to know!

As was mentioned before, if you dirty your lap in the last sector, it will cause your next lap to be dirty as well. This is probably the main issue for a lot people. Some final sectors are incredibly far away from the finish line… For example, the last sector on La Sarthe is right around Indianapolis, and on Old Le Mans it’s even further back around Mulsanne corner.


You know the names of the corners lulz.

Maybe because I know about the 24h of Le Mans in real life and not just in Forza?

Obviously you do too fug. So why laugh?

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