Unbelievably fast lap time on Road America East

I’ve just finished racing the M-B truck on Road America East and as usual I checked the leaderboard to see how my lap time compares to those of world’s best. I was immediately shocked by how fast the world’s no.1 was. His/her lap time is nearly 4 seconds faster than that of world’s second…

How’s that unbelievable, you might ask. Well, for starters, Road America East is a very short track unlike Le mans or Nürburgring Nordschleife. The track has only 2 long straights and four 90° corners, which means it’s not a technical track at all. So the track just isn’t one of those that can really set the best of the best apart from the rest. What puzzles me even more is the fact that this player used ABS and auto-transmission, which should only slow you down. He/She also didn’t use any tune that might make the truck a lot faster. When you take above things into account this lap time is just unbelievable. It’s almost as if his/her truck had nitrous. Unfortunately due to the lackluster rival mode in FM7 there’s no way you can watch the his/her ghost and find out how exactly was this lap time achieved.

The best thing to do is report it to T10/Xbox using the proper channels.

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I wasn’t suggesting it was a bug or the player cheated or something so that would be unecessary. I doubt T10/Xbox would care even if I did report this.

were the friction assist times ever removed from the leaderboards?

I agree with this assumption, I don’t think those early times were removed.

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right, friction assist, almost forgot about it. Seems to be only way possible to achieve such lap time.

It’s a bug that happens quite often. It’s been going on for years now and is a carryover from FM6. You’ll see this from time to time on other leader boards as well. In a few instances you may also see an elite player come somewhat close to the time.

Basically it’s a connection issue with the player and Forza servers. There’s no way to intentionally do this or else you’d see thousands upon thousands of goofy lap times.

T10 can remove the time from the leaderboards, but despite our efforts, they don’t bother with it.

This has nothing to do with friction assist nor should you report the player.

Also if you could see the replay you would only see the player complete part of a lap and then replay would end.

There is one on alps. Ghost just stops near the second to last corner.

Dust,on the file to the right,why are some full circle and others half? I never have known what this means.

Not Dust, but …

Ghost file is one half and the other is shared tune.

Oh … ninjaed

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And thank you also!!

One half indicates a ghost, the other indicates a tune.

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Ok,now I know thanks,ye ole man of knowledge!!!

Look at the date posted : ) almost 5 months before the game was released.

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It says the 4th of october dude…

Some countrys use the month- day-year format,others use the day-month-year format,he was just confused.

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It is the unofficial Unbeatable AI time accidentally slotted in LOL. Load the standard Merc truck and make sure it is set to the Max HP so they are all the same as you. Then watch the AI pass you on the straights 1 or 2 trucks a lap if you don’t block them.

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Just my tenth time racing this particular track with the restricted MB trucks and obviously noticed the same thing against the AI; however, I started shifting just after 3K RPM and although the truck sounds slower, it picks up speed faster than shifting right before the governor. Makes sense because it’s all about the torque. This method of shifting has at least kept pace enough for me to make some time/passes - just don’t mess up the corners.

I think I’ve had the whole space-time-continuum thing happen to me before in rivals. I recall doing a session, just a few laps, set a time. Came back to see how I’d do, I couldn’t come within 2 seconds of my previous nest.

Or maybe for one lap I was really just that good!

What is the best lap time at Road America (Full circuit) in any Forza 7 car?