Unbeatable Drivatars

FYI for the idiots who think the red vs blue team races are solo races: ITS ABOUT TEAM WORK. Also the drivatars are ridiculous and nearly game breaking. How can they bump me and throw me into a 1080 degree spin but if I bump them…I AM STILL THROWN INTO A SPIN? Fix the game physics. They might take excellent lines but they aren’t tanks. Ridiculous.
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FYI complaining about drivatars labelled “UNBEATABLE” because they’re unbeatable wont get you anywhere.

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Are you serious or trolling? It’s just a stupid way how PG calls the ‘very hard’ difficulty, nothing more. The problem with online gameplay vs bots is that the sync is broken, if folks are lagging, the bots are all over the place like brick walls, have seen it many times - bots slaloming over the track and pushing other vehicles aside as it’s nothing.

The OP is 100% right, no idea why he got suspended. People can’t take literally anything nowadays.

it’s been like this since launch and it’s not gonna change. best to just put up with it.

Wait what? Either I am misunderstanding You or You OP.
I think he is complaining about players that don’t work as a team in trial and about that drivatars sometimes have “force field”. Not about them being unbeatable.


Yeah, I think it was about this weeks Trial.

Drivatar PI matching vs Player team was set to off, which alone changed dynamics of races a lot. No easy Drivatars for faster players to pick up. It will be interesting to see if it’s going to be so in future Trials.

Route selection was also demanding for many.