Unanswered Support Tickets

I’ve submitted 2 support tickets, since the game was released.

  1. Ticket #3093, was answered reasonably quickly.

However, I was advised that a game update would be needed to fix this issue, but over 1 month later & still no update has been released.

  1. Ticket #7125, was posted over 3 weeks ago, but has not been responded too. This bug has occurred 4 weeks running & I have updated the bug report with weekly screenshots; as evidence of this bug.

I read a forum post, a few weeks ago, where it was officaly stated that you respond to support tickets within 7 days. Can you explain why I’ve had no response to my Ticket?

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i have a ticket that is open for 1 month still no word its really really baddddd!!
i know the person that should do my ticket, but think she is too busy streaming etc instead of doing work… (not saying names but its obvious)
Saying that iam REALLY PISSED OFF is a understatement… i feel like i as a customer do not matter they got my money and they just say thanks oke bye…