Unable to read disc

Hey guys so i have been having a problem with Forza Horizon and microsoft support told me to post here with my issue. I had a download code and i used the code to download the game. The game downloaded but whenever i try to run a game type (single player, multiplayer, ect…) it says that the disc can not be read. Why am i getting this error. It is a downloaded game.

Same here, however I just bought this on this months Games with Gold deal and have the same issue…Please Help

The game should be in your download history, check to make sure it is. If its there I would try deleting it and reinstalling it again.

most of the time this is due to the game or DLC being downloaded from another profile on the same console. To fix this just go to account on your console go to license transfer then go to download history and download again hope this helps

Happened to my girlfriend, uninstalling and reinstalling did the trick for her. When I asked her out, I had zero idea she was a Forza fan… score for me!

Just got the games on demand copy last week and started playing the opening seen and then it would freeze on me every time. Tried clearing cache, re-downloading, and disconnecting from the network but nothing would work. After a few days I figured I would try again and it started to work but when I got the the first rally part (after you buy your first car) it froze again. Now every time I go to play single player I just get stuck on the loading screen and then it completely freezes my xbox. I have seen a lot of people having this type of problem with this game. Just tried the license transfer and re-downloaded again but that didn’t work either.

This is my problem exactly. Needs fixing! Or send me a new code!!

Nothing is working for me as well. I have the Game and Rally Edition…I bought at full value a while ago and it worked fine for a few months…after i bought the expansion it broke on me. I miss playing this game. I want it back!!!

Looks like I’m also having a disk read error. I have the physical game and disk, right now my 360 says it doesn’t recognize it. Tried cleaning the disk - no help. Reads my other games fine.

You may have moved your console while your disc was inside and you turned your console on accidentally. This makes the game unplayable and there is nothing you can do about it.

[/bMicrosoft told me to post here I bough this on the deal with gold a little bit back and it worked fine for a little while, then boom it started freezing and say unable to read disc and it’s a digital copy from GoD. I did all their trouble shooting and nothing worked! Help!!! I wanna play!!