Unable to progress in game...


I’m a long-time Forza player, but I’m stuck in Forza Horizon 3.

From what I remember, in Horizon 1 and 2, you weren’t forced to do stunt events, etc. to progress in the game. You could just play all of the racing events. I’ve had this game since launch, but I gave up on it rather early, because after unlocking the third tier of race events, I seem to be out of races to play and I can’t progress in the game. I even went to the map and narrowed down the map data to only show race events and there’s nothing there. The map is full of stunts and other events, but I don’t want to do that stuff. I just to race and eventually get the best armband.

Can anyone please help?

Thanks. :slight_smile:

You’ll need fans to progress and open/upgrade your Festival Sites, which unlocks additional events. You get fans by accomplishing those early events.

Sounds like you might have a showcase event waiting to be done

If you have one waiting you can not progress any further unttil you do it

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I didn’t get three stars on all the stunts, just couldn’t be bothered. You don’t need 3 stars on everything to get enough fans., Try for 2 or even 1. I hate drifts just can’t do them and really don’t care for drifting.

Head to Head races and just pick up some of the speed cameras on the way. Also you need to do head to head to unlock the street racing events. Oh and the showcase events when they appear.

Also the armbands are gone is just a ranking system now from 1 to 1,000 once you hit 1,000 you are a star player.