Unable to play multiplayer since I bought the game

OK, so after 1 and a half almost month of talking to support(forza- who sent me at xbox and mcirosoft and they ping ponged me back to forza), I am reaching out to this comunity, because all I can tell, the guys at the forza support are so baaaad man. I’ll attach multiple screens, where the xbox and microsoft tells me that my profile is ok and it’s an in-game issue, meanwhile the support at forza just states that they can’t help me because I came with a not in-game error. So the problem is that everytime I try to hop online, i recieve the unable to join session and I can retry and gets me back to the same error after 10-15 sec, or horizon solo. This is happening since I bought forza. And the support states that is not an in-game issue. Good, if anyone thinks that they could help? Nat type./ conectivity is good, no errors there, tryed all the fixes from forza support and I still ecounter the same problem. But, a very interesting thing, the horizon 4 multiplayer works, it’s just the 5 that don’t wortk. I get my friends lap times, tunes, i can download and upload tunes, but i can;'t join them, and i can’t join horizon life sessions. Anyone knows what the hell is going on??? Oh yeah, I unistalled and installed the game 2 times, reinstalled windows, and contacted the internet provider to see if somethings wrong, but NOTHING. As this wonderfull support would say, IT’S NOT IN GAME… just so unprofessional from such a big title

xbox support telling me it’s an in game error : Imgur: The magic of the Internet

forza support stating it’s not a in-game error: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Could be your Windows network settings. Did you try this yet?: Forza Horizon 5 Multiplayer not working SINCE RELEASE - Microsoft Community

Could also be your router settings. Have you tried connecting your computer directly to the modem?