Unable to play multi-player since the latest update/DLC

Right, well, I was having the issues before, with the “Unable to get server match list” problem. I don’t know why I was having that problem to start with anyway though because my latency as reported by my Xbox is 100ms which is well within the server “threshold” limit. But anyway, T10 said they were aware of the issue. Whatever they did, if they did something, it worked because I was once again able to play multiplayer since losing the ability to play it the day after launch day when the problem first started.

So been playing multi-player just fine. Tuesday, got the latest update and the car pack DLC. Immediately after this I lost the ability to play multi-player again. Once again I’m getting the “Unable to get server match list” message thing.

Any ideas? Like I said, it’s not my latency. Nothing has changed with my latency and it’s gone from working fine on launch day to not working, to then working just fine and now to not working again since the update/DLC.

Anyone else had this issue reappear immediately after getting the latest update or car pack??

Since the update I’m having multiplayer issues too. I’m not sure if this game is more bandwidth intensive than FM4, but I’ve been getting xbox live is not connected errors(only from FM6). It kicks me out of whatever server I’m racing in, tells me I’m not connected to xbox line, then when I check the xbox live connection, everything is fine. That was before the update.

After the update, I’m seeing server issues. It will tell me the server is not available, I’ll be playing then get dropped in the middle of the game with the same message. I’m not sure what is going on, but something does seem less stable than before with the multiplayer servers.

I am having similar issues to LigerZer007. Also, since the update, whenever someone speaks in the lobby party during a race, I get extreme stuttering and lag and must quit because it is not possible to race. Definitely happening since the update. Hope this gets resolved.


Well, tried it today and it worked very first time. Seems to be working fine now. Also I still have the same latency reported by my Xbox…