Unable To Play Custom Blueprints/Routes

The primary reason me and my partner bought this game is to do races together and we have been completely unable to do custom races together since launch, I submitted a support ticket almost a MONTH ago and it still has not been replied to and we are now considering seeking refunds.

I can start a blueprint, she accepts it, picks a car and then we got thrown into a loooong loading screen before both being kicked back into the open world with no error message/code just a message saying we have disconnected.

Has anyone else had this issue? If so have you fixed it and can you tell us how, it is exclusively just custom blueprints/tracks normal default races work fine as well as the open world.

So we have gone through and opened/forwarded all Forza/Xbox ports in both of our routers and firewalls and the issue is still persisting.
We have discovered that other friends that live nearby (In the same country) are able to join my custom races just fine.
I can create custom events with small short distance tracks and she can join them just fine.
So we have ruled that others nearby (within the same country) can join any of my events as if normal but she cannot and can only join custom blueprints that have short tracks. So I believe this is an issue with her maybe timing out due to loading large blueprints in the load screen or something a long those lines because I (Australia) and her (Hawaii) are so far apart. This issue was not present at all in FH4.

“me and my partner” means u both connect with same ip (same house) ? Maybe one has to change the ports on xbox/pc

It defaults to 3074 on xbox and there is no way to have 2 devices connected using same port at same time.
Settings>Network>Advanced>Alternate Port

We are still having this same issue and are unable to play with each other, the lack of response I have received from Forza after all this time is still extremely disheartening. We are still completely unable to play the content we both bought the game for :confused: .
She is in Hawaii I am in Australia we have had no issues ever playing custom races on FH4 but we are completely unable to in FH5 I can play with friends from Australia just fine but its impossible for me to play with her. Can somebody please help me on this issue :frowning: .

Honestly if you need support you may be able to get some through twitter as insane as that sounds. The support portal is quite worthless.