Unable to name items?

So my thing is making Achievement Hunter liveries for the cars I drive. But since sometime last year I haven’t been able to name them Achievement Hunter liveries because the word “Hunter” has been marked as inappropriate. The descriptions say Achievement Huntr instead.

Why is it inappropriate and what’s the route to get it un-blacklisted?

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Bump for exposure. I’m having the same problem with a decal I’m trying to upload, but worse. It’s a Japanese-style box decal for me and my buddies’ drifting team, and I’ve tried literally giving it no name or description, still marked inappropriate. There’s nothing bad in the decal, and I highly doubt Forza’s language filter is in-depth enough to read group layers. Help us out here, T10/PG, what’s going on?

EDIT: Fixed my issue. Must have been a glitch with the Language Filter, all I did was make a “new” vinyl group and share that one. Problem solved.

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I have been making a bunch of Seahawks themed liveries and shared almost 100 of them. Then starting yesterday after making another, I named it with the exact same naming convention I’ve used for all of them and I get an Inappropriate Content message. I’ve tried changing every word in the description, yet all get the same inappropriate content message. What do I need to do? I have absolutely nothing inappropriate anywhere in any of my names or designs.

You might be running into similar issues that I had. Try “editing” the group, and by that I mean just saving it again as a separate file, and uploading the new file. Language filter seems either buggy or overly-sensitive, and a few Redditors are running into problems, too.