Unable to make custom design on new F&F car pack?? Why?

The new cars in the F&F car pack are unpaintable! This is unexceptable! $10 for ten cars with cheesy paint and im also stuck driving a pink s2000!

I asked this question a week ago, and emailed Turn10, but I haven’t had a response. I agree, the pack shouldn’t have been full price, and is described in the marketplace as being customisable.


Serious? o_O When they’re paintable in Forza 6 as well… that’s the most bizarre of choices.

Try it again.

Thanks Jonk1969 for the heads up. I’ve just checked, there was a game update and it’s worked, I’ve painted three of the F&F cars, and I’ve even painted the Aston Martin from the 10th Anniversary pack.

Thanks Turn10 & Playground for still adding car packs and game updates after so long.