Unable to join session

Unable to join session Error

Support ID: e5f32f5c-0106-43dd-b175-8b006cc5886
Server ID: fe983d52-4f41-42a9-a603-b5d594b70628
Quality of connection: Success (15 locations)
Region: west europe (0.033s)
IPSEC: 0x00000000

Windows 10 Pro.
Xbox Console Companion - Network Status

Internet Connection: Connected
XBOX Live Services: Up and running
XBOX Multiplayer
-Nat Type: Open
-Server connectivity: Connected
-Packet loss: 0%

Hi is anyone able to help me with this i have contacted support but am still awaiting a response. Im unable to do anything in regards to Auction House, Join friends in co-op, Playground games etc.
Internet is all fine Firewall is allowing Forza Horizon 4. Does anyone know how to fix this please?

i have the same problem

Yeah I got a reply on my support ticket turns out my brother cheated on his account he’s now banned permanently. He logged into my account to try and hide what he did from me. Because his account was banned and he tried logging into my account it has now stopped me playing online. Won’t help me even though my account has done nothing wrong. Shared pc so now even I’m being punished for his actions absolute rubbish will never purchase another Forza product in my life!

Unfortunate, but enforcement issues are not open for discussion on the forums.