Unable to homologate car to meet the lobby car restrictions

Something changed with C Class MP lobbies?

I have tunes of my own and some downloaded which I have happily used in the C Class Multiplayer lobby. Today I find a good number of them give the above message when I try to change to those tunes? Not all but some (the best ones).
What’s changed?

I noticed this a while back as well and never wrote about it. I just simply changed the class i was driving in. I had a great tune i was using on a Honda S2000 for C class MP and it’s now no longer allowed.

AFAIK there has been no announcement of tweeking cars PI and these tunes still show as C500 PI in my garage.
If however I change from one to another, the pop-up to the right (Xbox) shows the PI as B506 for many of them. I even have a C500 tune for a Civic 04 which appears as a B509 when looking at the pop-up.

Will Turn 10 please explain if this is a temporary glitch or has a permanent change been made - particularly to the Civic 04 or a specific build component ?

Sorry - Civic 07 - not the 04 :frowning:

TURN 10 - Microsoft - can we have this fixed please.

I have a host of near perfect ( well I think so) builds - C500 - all of which I can run in the correct division on Single Player but cannot load those tunes when I am in the C Class Multiplayer lobby. What gives?

Please fix this.

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I remember coming across this bug in single player mode but I don’t know what triggers it.

Last night i went to Leagues try to race with Group B Lancia. It must be stock. So i make it stock, or trying at least. It prompted that removal of tune and result was to have PI of 763. Everyone else had 766. After reset it just kept demanding removal of tune no matter how many times i did it. So i had to buy another Lancia, after that i managed to get in and race.

Have you swapped the aspiration on your tune Janis?

My guess is it’s something like that, which is causing your issue. Had something similar happen to me, pretty sure that was the cause. As you mention buying another car and starting with a blank slate seems to fix it/ work around.

long time ago there was an issue around the centrifugal supercharger but this is NOT it, though it could be connected.
The fact is the Single Player and the Garage Upgrade tells you that you have built a C500 car eligible for the C500 PI Multiplayer - BUT the MP rejects that Build/Tune saying “Unable to homologate car to meet the lobby car restrictions”
i.e the MP software calculates a different result to the Single Player and Garage software - that has to be bad programming !

Turn 10 please fix.

I noticed this issue too. What I did to get around I is, if the tune that is equipped with an engine upgrade, race front bumper and race rear wing, or different wheels, the game can’t reset those to default for some reason. SO you have to go into upgrades and reset to default that way, then load the next tune you want to use, and it’ll let you use it.

The quick homogolation upgrade thing is broken, so you have to reset your car to default before loading another tune. It’s stupid to have to do this in lobby, but it’s the way it is with tis version of Forza Motorsport.

thx for the idea, but it cannot just be the quick homologation option - as I can load a good number of my tunes but then pick certain ones and it rejects them. They are all built by me from scratch so the quick homologation option does not come into it.

My experimentation shows it has to be the software checking criteria used in MP is different from that in Single Player & your upgrades garage.

So I’m recently back into FM7, trying multiplayer on cycled division. I have a ATS V with an A class tune and a division tune. Only option I get is to quick homologate, but after I try it it fails. No option to load tunes, and they are shared publicly… Google was no help here.