Unable to find a session

I know that this has been posted about a hundred times, however, I’ve tried all what was suggested on other forums/YouTube/Microsoft fixes and all to no avail. I was able to play online once a few weeks ago, and never again.

Anyone know another fix? I’ve tried all the network settings, and IP Helper and all those Command Prompt lines, all for nothing.

However, I do have my WinHTTP Web Proxy Auto Discovery Service turned off with no way of turning it on, and I don’t know if that could be the issue.


Kept looking into the issue and found one that basically said to uninstall some Teredo items from Device Manager, but when I went in there under Network Adapters (with hidden items shown) it wasn’t there. Tried to add a legacy device, and again, it wasn’t listed. I reset my Network settings, the whole 9 yards. This issue has me frustrated, as I would really like to play FH4 online.