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Is forza 6 apex not able to be installed on Windows 10 Pro 64bit build 10240? I do have directx 12 and 16 gigs of ram. The store states that I need to upgrade my windows to install. Upgrade to what? The actual message is: To use this, you need to upgrade Windows. Go to aka.ms/winup.

EDIT: I just saw the post with the other person with similar issue. I guess will try to run the media creation tool again . hopefully I won’t lose any data.

It means you dont have 1151. Latest build is 10586.218

Go do all your windows updates.

You probably need Windows 10 “Version 10586 - Build 1511”

The game requires Windows 10 build 1511. I do believe that the update was released a few weeks ago so you might want to check for updates

I’m in exactly the same situation and I have - according to Windows Update - all the latest updates.

So if the Update Check is not returning build 1511… how the heck can we make it reveal the update!?

If WindowsUpdate doesn’t work you can try the following.

If you have a Genuine Windows, you can go here and download the latest Windows 10 ISO and do a manual update after.

Burn the ISO to CD or use “Media Creation Tool” from Microsoft to put it on a USB Stick which can be found in the link below.

I just found myself with some time and thought I’d install it too, same error and this was the first post in a google search that came up…

After some quick research here’s what I think the issue is, I don’t believe it’s a Win 10 issue but instead a DirectX issue. v11.3 came with Win 10 from the start but it appears that the build released in Nov (1511) came with v12.0 and DirectX 12 is what’s required.

The only way to upgrade DirectX is via the Windows Updates, there is no stand alone installer you can grab, unfortunately if you have “Defer Updates” enabled (as I did) in Updates and Security then it will wait several months before OS and App updates get installed…Note that this does not effect Security Updates.
As soon as I unchecked the “Defer Updates” checkbox and re-ran Check for Updates it found the Build 1511 “update”.

UPDATE Turns out it was a 3.X GB update!
OK, so now I’m running Build 1511 with DirectX 12, now I fail to meet the minimum specs as I have a nVidia (MSI) GeForce 730 GT, I read that a 740 is recommended but the 730 should run…still can’t download the App though…EPIC FAIL!

*Thanks to DUST2DEATH for pointing out the versions that contain the “Defer Updates” option below.

Only windows 10 Pro, Enterprise or Education versions support Deferring updates. (just clarifying for others that read your post)


I have a gtx 560ti with the latest NVidia driver and the build 1511 of windows 10 pro and I can’t install Forza

any one I can see direct x 11.3 not 12

Apex is a DX12 (only!) game.

The GTX560 does not support DX12 (yet). The Fermi GPU will support DX12 according to nVidia, but they haven’t released a DX12 driver version for ‘Fermi’ until today.

End of the story.