Unable to connect to the LIVE configuration servers!! Please help me :/


I have this error every time I tried log into HORIZON LIFE!
Ty :slight_smile:

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The same error :frowning:

I get the same …have not been able to play at all since Friday…I have tired every fix listed online and yet noting Not sire if it is the game or the xbox app

The games broke. Looks great, plays crap. Not been able to race online all day!

Weird thing to me is that I have played a reasonable amount and was like well might aswell reinstall as a latch ditch effort. I did that and my save data synced when I opened it which was great. My Xbox live party voice chat also works. Yet I still cannot connect to the live config servers.

Still for me and whitout having any problems with teredo :frowning:

also for me I have teredo ok and connection but still cannot connect to horizont life

6th October and solution : windows settings => Update and security => recuperation/reinitialisation => start by keeing files

for strict nat : games in windows settings => Xbox network => repair => verify

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@Mkfao ty my man u resloved my problem :smiley: