Unable to connect to online game features

Леонид 11:13
I use two PC/Xbox Series S devices to play FH4. I go with one profile. Problem on Xbox it is impossible to connect to the online functions of the game. When connecting to an online session, an alert appears “The function is blocked. At the moment, your profile cannot be verified using the server. Please try again later.”
Network on the console "NAT type: Open and All services are ". I use an Internet cable. There is no such problem on the PC, all online functions are available.
PC version 1.476.108.2 checked and installed the latest updates in the Windows Store
Xbox version 2.476.108.0
Did a full reset of the console. I installed the game without DLC and the full version, but the problem remains unchanged.
Other games on the console are connected to online sessions.
Thank you in advance

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Are you in Russia?


Same problem, but i live in Ukraine.

Well, pal, i found solution.
Try to log out your microsoft account in the main menu and sign in again.

I tried different methods to solve the problem. You can already say resigned. It is available online on the PC, but not on the console. Other games on the console are available for online play.