Unable to configure wheel - defaulting to same axis

I’m trying to configure my setup for the demo (currently glad I haven’t sunk cash into the full game!)

Ok - I have:

  • Thrustmaster t300RS wheel
  • Fanatec Clubsport Pedals V2
  • thrustmaster stick shifter (disconnected to reduce problems).

Game runs and loads fine.
Completed benchmark and score 180fps so ok.
Next menu option is to go into settings and controls.

I select “wheel” and it defaults to “thrustmaster t300RS”.

No I guess it is assuming I’m using the thrustamaster pedals (hence mapping to “Device 1 axis 3”.
Ok… So I click the right arrow to go to “Custom Wheel Profile 1” - everything is undefined.
Combine accel/brakes - off
Combine steering - on
Accelerate - I click this and prompted with “Remap Accelerate - press key you wish to map to Accelerate (currently undefined)”
then press the accelerator pedal on the pedals all the way down and back.
Now accelerate says “Device 2: Axis 2”.
Moving on to brake. Repeat process…
Click the line and it displays the prompt for brake but immediately maps it to “device 2: axis 1”

From this point on no matter what control I select to map, it instantly overrides with “Device 2: axis 1”.
Nothing I can do even unplugging the devices helps.

Restart the game and go back to the configuration screen
This time I select steering first.
Repeat process and prompted with “Remap Steering press key you wish to map to Accelerate (currently undefined)”
twiddle the steering…

Mapped to Device 1: Axis 1.

Select another control… Instantly gets remapped to Device 1: Axis 1.

Seems as if whatever variable control gets mapped means that it override everything.
I’ve tried increasing the deadzone to 90 and no impact.

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