Unable to complete the co-op achievements!


I have completed everything in the game apart from the pesky 19/21 landmarks and I have all achievements apart from the 2 that require co-op, they are: Being a Friend & Road Buddy.

So a I started a co-op campaign and invited a friend. I created a blueprint race and we both did the race. After the race Being a friend which requires participation in 1 co-op campaign event didn’t unlock. After trying several times and even getting my friend whose not that far along to start a co-op campaign, neither achievement has unlocked.

Any idea as to why? It’s not because I’ve completed everything is it? as that would be absurd!

Any help much appreciated as being stuck at 970/1000 for the last few days is annoying.


  1. Not one.

1 of the achievements is to complete 1 event the other is to complete 10 events. Neither of them have completed or show any progress of completion.