Umm?? this makes no sense.

How come people can sell low value cars for a high price? well i asked and i was told that sicne they are a legendary painter that they can sell things for more. if this is true this makes no sense because painting a car with half ugly designs makes you able to sell a car for more. I am also confused because i make a lot of money from tuning setups and i get no special perks. Like what does paint have to do this car value? Also in forza horizon 2 Xbox 360 version, i made nearly 5 million off of paint designs (don’t believe me, look up my gamer-tag QuasiBiscuit857 in the public designs), and none of my paint jobs transferred over either.

No designs/vinyls/tunes were able to be transferred from the 360 games to the One games.

Technically they can sell cars for any price they want. It’s the buyer who sets the price. If it’s too low, no one would buy and they’d have to sell lower. I’m not paying crazy prices for most of these designs but some people are willing to.



My xbox’s are linked and my gamertag is the same and emails and xbox live are all linked. Now why can’t it transfer over?

Because the 360 and Xbox One are different platforms. Only Xbox One to Xbox One games are capable of transferring such things.


I have legendary painter status and can sell at auction for high prices but the cars don’t sell. When I can buy a 15 Z28 for 10000CRs why would I buy the same car for 100000CRs just for paint? I buy the 10000CR car and then look for the painters design and download to my car for waaaaaaay less. Sometime the Paints aren’t up for DL then oh well.

I guess I’m just saying OP, having the higher price option in the Auction for the seller is seldomly beneficial.

I found it far more beneficial when the painter could set a price on his/her livery. I had no issue with spend up to 50000CRs for a livery I really liked.

When you download a livery you may like and eventually go to sell it, the original artist of the design receives credits for the sale. There are plenty of other threads around explaining this, too.

Is it another 100CRs?

Big deal. It’s not worth getting exited or upset about.

Im just saying there isn’t much benefit to being able to sell your cars for more when most buy the cheaper car then DL the livery they like. I tried to sell a GT350R with a 5* Legendary livery and a 5* Legendary tune. For 80k starting bid. Not one bid.

Why? Cause you can buy the stock car for 30k at auction.

So my experience is the legendary painter benefit really isn’t beneficial.

I thing some people misread what the OP has written

It was a subure BRZ or something, one of the midnight battle cars. I saw people selling it for 2 million at auction. I wanted do sell it for that price but could only sell it for 140,00. Also it still makes no sense why painting is such a big deal! I make a decent amount from tuning and get no special perks.

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You can also become a legendary tuner and sell cars for millions with your own tune.