Hello everyone!
I have downloaded and played the FM7 today and absolutely loved it. Though I have a big disappointment at the same time, which is no ultrawide screen support. I know this is only demo of the game and there are only a few resolution options, but I am still wondering if it is going to be added to the game when the full version comes out.
I would love to pre-order the game today, but I simply can not and I will not buy this game at all, just because of this issue. Even though the game feels and looks really, really good.
Can anyone confirm if this is going to be sorted?

It does have support, albeit limited to only in-race. Just choose the first resolution option… should be something like" scale to window" and it will work fine. Like I said though, it’s only in-race, the menus will still be 16:9. I wouldn’t expect that to change, but you never know.