Ultra Wide is not supported.

I can’t play the game on ultra wide monitor 3440x1440. The are only 16 to 9 resolutions with black bars. You said that there will be support on this? When? Or do you mean that black bars means supported? Also there is no realtime fps counter on this DX12 game. Even the benchmarks has only avarage (that is telling me nothing), since i have 17 min and 90 max with 88 avarage. Also menu is very choppy and looks like 30 fps.

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Just set it to the far left option ‘Native Window Resolution’. It works fine at 3440x1440 on the x34 here. Not a black bar in sight my Ultrawide amigo.


You da real MVP


The black bars will go away once the race starts. Have fun!

For the menu FPS I read somewhere stating that menus were 30 FPS while actual gameplay is 60 FPS

I have both running on 60 FPS. Don’t use these dynamic graphics preset which are just in because that’s how the console version works, set stuff to Ultra/High/whatever manually and FPS explicit to 60 FPS Vsync.

i wish there wasnt a black bar in sight but everywhere other than actually racing will still have black bars. horizon 3 is perfect all around 21:9, and they took a step backwards from it.

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Yup, I’m pretty disappointed with the lack of ultra wide support in the menus. Forzavista isn’t even in ultrawide. I don’t understand how Horizon 3 has full ultrawide support but Forza 7 doesn’t. So many things in Forza 7 has me disappointed. But this one just really ruins it for me and the loot boxes…

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Hi, i can´t believe a single thing like make 21:9 Support is not included in this game… WE ARE ON 2017 AND THEY DON´T KNOW HOW TO MAKE THIS COMPATIBLE, OR HOW TO INCLUDE IT ??

Forza Horizon 3 has 21:9 Support, MINECRAFT HAVE 21:9 Support, even free to play games have 21:9 support on 2014…

THESE DEVELOPERS ARE JUST STUPID. Sorry, but it´s the true.

I think FH3 is way better than this. At least the graphics are better, i own a GTX 1080ti, and i dont see “ULTRA” graphics here…

Hopefully they add this stupid feature on a Patch, want 3440 x 1440p.

Err, set resolution to desktop resolution or whatever it is called and you’ll have 21:9

i have a 21:9 that’s how i know

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Native Resolution.

Scroll all the way to the left in your resolution setting.

It works with triple monitors using Nvidia surround.

I bet it works on your 21:9, when it works on my 48:9

He is partially right though.

There is no 21:9 except during races.
Forzavista, menus, pit etc… no 21:9

I don’t understand that, since FH3 fully support it.

Yes that’s right. The left and right turn off in menus.

But in FH3, this led to some strange misalignment problems for some.

They obviously didn’t prioritise that part so I think the compromise is acceptable.

Mostly fine to me, shame it’s 16:9 in photo mode tho

I had downloaded the demo and deleted it as I believed it didn’t have 21:9 support, but a friend told me to set to ‘native resolution’, and option I didn’t see before. Downloaded it again and it looks great, however what didn’t scale is the hud. It’s still at a different scale so that the info is quite far the edges of the screen and in the game area too much. So, I’m not sure 21:9 is fully ‘supported’ or not, which is odd it this day and age. I’d love to buy the game as it looks like a great fun and love the crazy amount of cars, but am wondering if once you get the full game you can edit the hud like Project Cars 2 and move the hud information around to suit what you’d want? That or 21:9 support coming in a patch? SO on the fence but can’t pull the trigger with hud so far into the game screen.

They claim that the game was designed for PC from the ground up. Full 21:9 support is not available. Yes there is 21:9 in race, I’ve always enjoyed replays it would be nice to watch in ultrawide 3440x1440.

Maybe they will patch it? I hate bad 21:9 support too. :frowning:

I just got a new ultra wide 3440 1440 monitor and I cant get the option in settings for it to run at this res? I tried everything and I also cant get NVidia to find this game to optimize it for SLI support?? I dont know why I only have problems with MS store games… Seems like all of them. I cant get halo wars 2 to work and crases in BSoD when loading saves and Gears 4 wont even launch. Shadow of War and Forza 7 work but forza has black bars even during a race… Cant seem to fix it from any angle. I tried everything. Well I didn’t do a app reset but I did do a MS app reset. maybe I will try that as last effort. Cant get SLI to work unless its in nvida GeForce though I know that.

Hi, I hope someone with a little patience can help!

I’ve purchased the game and it is loaded on a Windows 10 system with a GForce 1070 feeding a 3440 x 1440 screen. I’ve read that some appear to be getting 21:9 and others are not and some even saying 21:9 isn’t supported. I also read that I need to set it as “Native Windows Resolution” but I can’t see where that setting is. Would appreciate some help in setting my system so the game plays in 21:9. Thanks.

Keep scrolling through resolution options.

Native Windows Resolution is at one end of the list.