ULTIMATE offline function

Dear all,

I live in a small village WITHOUT internet connection!!
I’ve bought ULTIMATE Edition of Forza Horizon 4 over the MS-Store.

So the game runs without internet connection (GEAT GAME!!!) but the additional things of the ULTIMATE like VIP, Carpass does not work offline!
Only Bond and Drift car pack does work. This is very very disappointing!!! Why does this work and other not??
In description of the ULTIMATE Edition there is nothing noted that these additional game parts only work with internet connection!
If I knew that I really didn’t buy ULTIAMTE Edition!
I know that without internet I can’t use multiplayer, but why doesn’t work the other things?

So my question is:

  • is there any possibility to get this offline too?
  • will track editor does work offline?
  • most important, will the two upcoming extensions work offline? (in FH3 it worked offline too!)

Otherwise I have to cancle ULTIMATE. I won’t give my money for nothing…

Thanks a lot in advance for your reply and help!!


Two questions.

Is your console set as home console(you don’t say what platform)

If no internet, how did you download the game to begin with?

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You have to have a internet connection to download any content, that’s a bit obvious don’t you think…

Kind of answered your own question.

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I’m not the one claiming to not have internet, yes bought a game from the Microsoft store that requires download.

Seems legit to me.

Hi Guys,

I use X-Box One S and as home console. That’s why I can use the game offline!
I went to a friend and downloaded there the game and the additional content.

I’m already clear that I can’t use multiplayer etc. and yes it is obvious to have internet to download any content.
And it is also obvious to be on internet with every new car releases from car pass to download it.
But it isn’t obvious that I have to be on internet every time to use the downloaded content and car! May you understand my problem now.
Because Bond pack and Formula pack does run offline after download!!!
Why does these two packs run and the other not? Game itself runs too, but no car from car pass or VIP and it doesn’t care if the content is already downloaded.

And that’s why I’m asking if this will be the same [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D] for the extensions. Because I pay for it but can’t use all these additional things and it isn’t noted in description of ULTIMATE.
Then I can buy normal edition and safe money.

Also it seems that you really not understand my problem and it isn’t okay to picture me as if I’m stupid.
Can you help or not?

I support this. All owned content should be active in single-player with no internet connection.