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I bought horizon 3 ultimate edition from amazon. They just shipped it today, but they’re telling me i can’t play until it arrives next week. That defeats part of the purpose of getting the ultimate edition. I should still be able to get a code to download for early access. Somebody please help. I would really like to get my money’s worth!

Sounds like you bought a physical copy as opposed to a digital download. They should have an option for both, and you would have been provided a download code for the digital copy. I would contact Amazon about that issue as there isn’t much Microsoft would be able to do for you, I would think.

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The retailer is responsible for the sale/delivery, not anyone on these forums or Turn 10/Playground Games. Check with them.

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Hi, I have the same issue. I bought the Ultimate Edition, Amazon send me the code, I entered it but my Xbox downloaded the Deluxe Edition. I contacted the Amazon’s support, they answered they are aware of the problem, and every Ultimate Edition code from Amazon have the same issue. They contacted the editor of the game, Microsoft I guess and they told me to wait. I’m a bit mad a the moment, because the Ultimate is a bit expensive and I bought it mostly for the early access.

When did you order and what shipping speed did you choose? I ordered mine on the 17th, it shipped on the 22nd, got it today. shrugs

One-day shipping. I probably would’ve been fine with two-day, but didn’t wanna chance it.

Wait. Did any of you get a pre-order bonus code too? I ordered the physical Ultimate Edition and have not seen a code for the pre-order bonus car.

Physical edition should have had a bonus code included
Maybe check your emails or messages

If not …contact whomever you bought it from

I pre-ordered on Amazon and the only code inside the package is for VIP, All-Stars pack and Car Pass. You say there should be more in the package? Whaaaat. Also yeah, nothing was sent to me via email.

Probably best to contact amazon

I preordered from the xbox online store…only just recieved my preorder code about 10 minutes ago via xbox messages

I had not received my preorder car code either, just chatted amazon support and they gave me the code right there. Took all of 3 mins.

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I chatted Amazon support and got an unhelpful guy from India unfortunately. Still no code. Ughhhhh

I ordered the Digital Ultimate Edition the first day it was available on Amazon. Downloaded as soon as it was ready. Went to play today and it says I have the Deluxe version.

Contact Amazon

Apparently they know about this issue…someone else posted about it earlier
Somehow sent the wrong codes

Bah, I just contacted them again and was given the same “code” that does not meet Xbox Live’s 25 character requirement. Sigh