Ultimate Domination Clan

Ultimate Domination Forza Clan is recruiting always and is free to all drivers of any level and experience. We are in multiple games and consoles but are mostly seen on PC and Xbox games. We are respectful and fun all around players that have had hard gaming experience and want to help those who are about to have the same. Design, race and have fun with us around the Forza community and make driving alone a memory in your rear view mirror. Forza Horizon 2 is filled with fun and it’s better to drive with friends than alone. Sign up today for our clan and start the fun and meet new drivers who you thought never existed. racers and car designers just like yourself in all kinds of car styles are waiting for you.

No ramming in races ( we understand lag or sync errors can happen )
No being disrespectful to drivers in any way, shape or form ( no rude messaging or cruel comments on voice chat )
No begging/asking for gold memberships or DLC packs ( We don’t like people asking for things as it is very annoying )
Do not involve the clan in any arguments or drama ( We don’t like to have a bad view or name as it results in a bad reputation )
Have fun ( Most important rule of all of them :slight_smile: )

Voice chat/microphone is requested but not major as long as you can type very fast. ( Tip hook a keyboard from a desktop up to your Xbox and type easier and faster with less hassle )
Speak/type English and we will at least try to understand yours as well

Please understand our rules and requirements as well as Turn 10 and Microsoft’s rules and regulations