UK Simulation wheel group?

Hey there,

Is there a group or something for people who use force feedback wheels+pedals? And/or without assists? (mostly)

When i go in the usual multiplayer lobbies the forced settings are too casual for my liking and it would be nice to be on a more level playing field.

Not only that but i dont have any friends who play racing games or have an xbox so it’d be great to make some xbox racing friends :wink:

Many thanks


Hey Alex, where about are you, i run a site that has many wheel users, we have pad users too we allow any assists or views to be used but our racing is always close and fair.

Hey Alex, I’m in a similar boat as you. I don’t have any friends who play and usually just sit in free play doing hot laps. I would love to make some forza friends and race online together as a means to becoming the best racers.

I’m from the UK and would be happy to join you online.

Give me a shout if your interested.

The Virtual Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo doesn’t allow assists (with the exception of Normal steering being allowed along with Simulation). About half of our drivers are wheel/pedal and cockpit view. We have drivers from the US, UK, Australia, Switzerland, Brazil, Spain, etc. If you’re interested, check us out here.

Alex and Munch, check out my ICR Blancpain topic if you are interested in racing in a league that uses wheel and pad users. Most are in UK and all times I sched for are UK times.