UI/UX Design?

Who is creating these Menus? The whole time its switching between MainMenu/HomeMenu and always “oh i have seen it somewhere but where maybe the other menu”.
Some useless (loading/info) screens…
Why is the Carlist shrinked to 2 rows now? with 500+ Cars??? Or start some race sitting in the car u want to use. It shows 6 or 8 “Recommended” and i have to scroll right to select the car im already driving…

MainMenu->Cars->Change Car
It shows the car i’m driving at first, why??? Makes no sense switching to this car (btw u cant switch to same car). Why not showing Favorites at first? It needs extra Filter->Favorites step

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I think it’s strange to go outside to go to desktop… is there an inside version?

And why does it still ask me if I want the car delivered when I just clicked “get in car”?? They still have too button presses.


The biggest annoyance for me is the rearranged upgrades menu for cars. Previously, you could upgrade your car by navigating on only 1 axis, searching for the farthest-most option you wanted easily. Now, you have to consciously move the focus down the grid manually. It’s such a friction point.


Another cool thing is the strange “coil whining”/high frequency/noise/whatever sound in the House/Home Menu/Forzavista. With Headphones it is even better and goes from right to left

That sounds like it might be a framerate issue.

Its the ambient sound some strange bird or whatever

I though the main menus are less cluttered this time, but other parts especially in tuning are awful. I’m glad they have made an effort with Accessibility options as being able to increase text size, and tweak the colours, was really needed for me.

Ps White Writing on Yellow Background? Good grief (in Upgrade Parts>Tyre Width)


It gets worse with every game…if you have never played through the earlier Horizon games this menu system must be a nightmare for you to try and understand…and the map, oh my god, you thought Ubisoft games were bad when 30 things suddenly unlocked and appeared on your map and you have no idea what to do next…