Ugly graphics in FM7 on 4k TV??

Hi guys, I will describe my problem here:

I just got my newest FM7. I installed it on my Xbox One S and Im using my 4k TV (all 4k settings on TV and Xbox set for maximised use). Then when I launched the game, I realised the graphics are totally ugly! The trees, grass and people are FLAT and with very weird colours… The biggest issue is that outlines (Countours) of all the objects in game (Cars, trees etc.) are like flickering and vibrating from right to left all the time. (You cannot see it on the pictures I uploaded, It just happens on the screen)…

I have absolutely no trouble with titles like Forza Horizon 3 and Assasin Creed Origins - there the graphics are fantastic.

Is that what 4k game on 4k TV is like?? Or my Xbox is doing something weird? Im attaching photos.


Please help me!


The One S isn’t 4k. 1080p output on a 4k screen will look poor.

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The xbox one S does not play games in 4k
Only the one X can do that

As the others have noted … you’re not playing a 4K game if you’re playing on the One S. The One X is the only console on the market today that can use true 4K assets and play games at native 4K resolution.

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If you set output to 4K on the ‘S’ it does upscale all output to 4K. It is a better option than letting your TV do the upscaling.

However it will not look quite as sharp and smooth edged as a PC or ‘X’ with actual rendered 4K.

In the video setting on the one s, have you adjusted your tvs settings to what the Xbox recommends? Is your 4k TV HDR capable? If so, adjust video settings in FM7 as well. Your TV should tell you if it’s displaying HDR content.

The graphics in FM7 should look as good as fh3, if it doesn’t something’s wrong.

FM7 looked great on my X1S, but yeah it was not 4K. It does look slightly clearer on the X1S as opposed to the regular XOne though, as I believe there is some kind of upscaling to 4K that occurs on the X1S. However, the game certainly did not look ugly to me, I don’t know about what you are describing. Maybe check your settings are correct for HDR, if not properly calibrated it might make colors look off. On the X though the game is in a completely different league, absolutely stunning.

Everything the others are saying as absolutely correct, but forza 7 took a massive hit compared to 6 and in terms of graphics. Why did they waste their time on 4k? Who knows. Offers no benefit to the game other than bragging rights for them and microsoft. What I would say is downscale back to 1080p or just live with it.

Im well aware of the fact that my X1S will display the graphics worse than the newest X1X but I still expected more than a flat textures and sharp edges on objects as you can see on my images…

My Console detects that my TV is capable of 4k and HDR, I set the graphics option on Xbox for 4k UHD and on my TV I have only the “Game” mode on. I have also the option to switch my TV mode to “HDR+” but then the FPS drops a lot.

Any more suggestions guys? :slight_smile:

Have you enabled HDR on the TVs hdmi port that your one s is plugged in to? Most TVs do not enable this as default.

Unusual problem though if Assassins creed origins looks good.

Have you tried adjusting the sharpness setting?

Actually the trees look also horrible when playing on xbox one x.
Hopefully the developer will fix this.

Flickering lines on TV screen mean you have to adjust your TV’s settings. Most likely turning down sharpness fixes the problem.
What is happening is that your TV gets a gorgeous anti-aliased input from your XBox and decides to “improve” it by basically reversing the anti-aliasing (this is especially apparent when TV does upscale from 1080p to 4k). Since TV works pretty-much frame-by-frame you will get all kinds of weird artifacts.

I have a 4K TV - when FM7 came out I played it on XBox One (vanilla) - at first it looked horrible - jagged lines, blurry colors, artifacts, etc. After turning off most of image enchantment from TV and calibrating brightness, contrast and colors via XBox settings app it looked stunning.
The same thing happened with Xbox One X (though not as bad) - a little tinkering in TV settings and you’ll get unbelievable image quality

Any plans to release a new xbox one x patch?

I turned off game mode on my TV and the image improved tremendously. I know it is supposed to improve input lag, but I don’t notice much lag on my TCL 4k tv with Game Mode off.

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