UDP Data Export?

will the game be UDP Data compatible?

we really need an answer to this question before we spend £80 on a game… A lot of us simracers have multiple hardware we use to add to the immersion and need UDP telemetry support to enable most of it… Motion Sims, Buttkickers, Sim Dash, Monstadash etc etc…

Forza 7 may be on the UWP but T10 need to realise if they are going to bring their games to PC users, then they need to provide what pretty much every other racing title does… Without UDP/telemetry support in 2017, this game is going to loose interest pretty damn quickly to the likes of Project Cars 2…

Does anyone have ANY information on this before myself and many other spend money as i cant find any info from T10 whatsoever on this?

If i do buy the game and find that UDP support isnt included, it will be the fastest refund ive ever done!

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no answer ???

See this is exactly why im reluctant to purchase the game until I know the answer. it appears T10 arent interested in telling you anything and want you to find out by giving them your money first… Guess ill have to wait till next weeks release and then ask this again see if anyone whos bought the game can tell us…

I don’t think it will considering it’s a UWP app, they usually keep everything locked down.

well everything is locked down on a console too and plenty of titles use UDP? I dont see how this makes any difference? If T10 cant implement something as simple as telemetry data on a racing title (its not a sim) in 2017, then its time to leave Forza behind im afraid :frowning:

Have you tried the demo?

F1 2017 has it on console so it is technically possible.

That being said no Forza title has allowed the general public to use UDP in their games and I don’t see this changing for Forza Motorsport 7.

[edit: UDP support has been added. I wasn’t expecting this, but am happy for those that requested such a thing. :slight_smile: ]

it wasnt present in the demo, why would it be

Good luck getting a timely answer … They can’t even be bothered telling us when the download period starts!!!

Can anyone of you that ordered the Ultimate Edition and have access please tell the rest of us waiting if there is telemetry/UDP support buried in the menu’s somewhere please?

Much appreciated

Forza has no udp support

Your prayers are answered, lads! The next update will feature UDP data export!

How do we use the udp or which app works with forza telementry

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