Ucxt Recruiting RWD drifting n stock tires drifters only

Looking for the best of the best drifters if u think u can hang message Trapz 400 on Xbox one only I’ll try u out we only use stock tires any weight 600 to 800 hp we look for style angle and line in drifters must pull decent angle around every turn. We are not into drifting over 60 MPh because it gets boring it’s too easy drifting at slower speed is more challenging especially when u throw a lot of angle in the mix.our teams YouTube channel is ANTHONYPZC go check us out like and sub if want
We drift RWD ONLY u will get kick if u drift AWD there’s no such thing as AWD drifting it’s just power sliding get over it don’t ask for a Inv if ur rocking a s2 class or higher will get kicked on spot for using race or sport tires we r drifting ur not supposed to have tons of grip lol must play with traction control off stability control off normal or stimulation and must play manual with clutch to drift if u don’t have that ur not drifting

Fascinating. Very well, my gamertag is Cody Ghastface.