U2SC Forza Tuning Calculator for FM7

The Up 2 Speed Customs Forza Tuning Calculator for FM7 is not in Beta. Come on by and check it out!


We also have versions of the calculator for FM5/FH2/FM6 as well as one for FH3.


We are currently working on an update to the FM7 Calculator. All changes are currently running in BETA. We are also testing an update in Alpha (not open to the public), and if our testing community likes it over the current method, that will make its way to BETA later this/early next week.!!


Update released today to the FM7-TC!

FM7-TC v3.2.70: 16-NOV-2017

LIVE: This is the first MAJOR update to the FM7-TC

  • NEW!!! Added Setup Types (Stiff, Balanced, Soft) to provided several tuning starting points. The biggest difference between then will be seen with Anti-Roll Bars and Damping, but there are also slight changes in Spring Rates and Camber between the setups.
  • NEW!!! Added reset check boxes making it easier to reset all fine-tuning and/or custom transmission data to default values.
  • NEW!!! Added back the Power to Weight Ratio data point to the output form. This was a part of the output data in previous version, and we decided it was a useful datapoint when compairing build/tunes for the same car.
  • Update: Moving/Removing output data
  • Update: The following formulas have beeing updated/Tweaked: Tire Pressure; Spring Rate; ARB; Damping; Camber; Toe; Differential; Brakes.
  • Patch: There is an issue with the gearbox formula where higher RPM engines with lower power outputs output gearbox numbers that are either not possible to set or do not work at all. This patch will should correct this issue. Report any additional issues to the U2SC Discord.

BETA: Continuing with testing multiple setup types, as well as the following…

  • Gearbox formulas are being looked at for the issues patched above as well as other tweaks/improvements
  • Digging deeper into how tires impact tuning numbers
  • Reviewing the setup types naming and settings
  • Looking into Oval tuning (very early on this one)