Tyre wear indicator's

Hi everyone, hope you’re well

I’m ashamed to admit I’m loving forza seven, well single player,rival’s and the custom liveries, The multiplayer confuses me( I’m simple and was probably the last generation to grow up playing outside ) but on to my issue, I fined the tyre wear indicator’s hard to see at a glance or with my peripheral vision!

Does anyone else? I like to do race’s of a decent distance as well say 20-30 laps average to mimic say a 25% race on an f1 game :video_game: so tyre where does play apart if the squares were solid colour it would be perfect!

Ps only ashamed as it’s a game not a sim and I’m grown up!

the interior of the tire wear indicator is reserved to heat. That is why it is filled with blue at the beginning of the race and if you cook the tires they turn red. You could also pull up the telemetry momentarily on a straight away to get a more accurate reading for tire wear.

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I have seen and noticed the blue, when the tires are fresh but I thought it stopped there as I’ve never totally cooked a set of tyres and only been straining at the out lines otherwise,

I suppose it if a balance of just enough info or too much that distracts, obviously I have everything on full sim and sometimes missed the warnings like that curb just mullered your suspension!