Tyre temps

Been playing the game a lot recently, and tuning is one of my favourite things to do followed by racing in rivals S2 class on the Goliath track.

I’ve noticed tyres temps are bit funny and when you consider the fact if you’re tires are not warm you will not get the required grip.

Have look at the leaderboards on the mode I mentioned above mostly the Ultima Evo 1020.

It’s got crazy power and light as hell so at first glance you think that’s fair enough, I own one in my garage but not a massive fan of the car. I took it out anyway to see what it’s all about and I noticed the tyre temps are clear colour on the telemetry in winter without warming up at all.

They are racing compound tires, I’ve experimented with many other cars including one of my favourite the Aston Martin Vulcan and same compound but this time blue in the telemetry and can not keep warm even under heavy acceleration and braking I tried to tune with setting s Psi, ride height, adding more weight to car, camber, tires sizes etc what I’m trying to say it how is the ultima evo 1020 with the same compound tires and is 600 lbs lighter able to have lower temps on tyres to be optimal.

I’ve tried some other cars and the same results Zonda R, Zamborghini Sesto both can not keep heat In the tires,
current rival challenge is in autumn and these 200+ mph cars can not get optimal tyre temps.

Can anyone help because the physics does not make sense or ether the tuning side doesn’t?

I think because it is winter they really cannot get up to temp.

I get it weather and all that but the Bugatti Chiron tyres are clear on the telemetry at 71 degrees fahrenheit rear tyres size 385/25/21

Aston vulcan 170 degrees fahrenheit rear tyres 345/25/20

Smaller tires on the Aston over double the temp for a clear reading on the telemetry same compound same weather.

Quick update these cars I believe are needed to be fixed the McLaren Senna, Lamborghini Aventador lp- 700-4, Aston Martin Vulcan, Zonda R, Lamborghini Sesto Elemento and all the drift cars.

cars above all need 170 degrees fahrenheit to move from cold tyres to warm, all of the other cars I’ve tested to far only need 71 and above.

I’ve not tested the whole roster but ether the telemetry is ether lying or these cars are not programmed right in the tyre department.

I tested all these cars next the horizon festival and the weather is winter.
Turns out compounds doesn’t matter for temp between stock street and racing they only affects a cars grip.

what does matter these cars I’ve noticed need over double amount of heat to get warm, I not sure what gameplay effect it will have but clearly something is wrong.

In my opinion tyre temp is not the end goal. Tyre pressure is.

Adjust starting pressure so you get to your target pressure when tyres are at the warmest.

Maybe your right but still think it’s interesting why those cars need over double in heat.