TX Wheel - what does "sensitivity" do?

A month after I bought it, and 2 trips back to Thrustmaster HQ for repair, I finally have a working wheel. I’m just in the process of getting it setup as I like it. Apparently there is a separate setting from DoR called sensitivity that you can adjust if you have the latest firmware:

Any idea what it actually does?

My experience was that it made it varying degrees of non-linear and more slack around the centre. After trying the available options, I set it back to default.

Ah ok that makes sense. I tried the settings out and I prefer the default one too, but then again I use 900 degrees. If I used less I could see it being a useful adjustment.


I haven’t played with it.

I enjoy the settings I use, so while I noticed the addition of “sensitivity” with the v47 firmware, I haven’t played with changing it. It is apparently easy to change though, just Mode button + Up/Down paddle shifters. Since I like to use 360 degrees AoR normally, maybe I’ll try one of the other sensitivity settings.