TX broke again

I hadn’t used mine since maybe some time in May. Last night I set up my BB CPX and went to play some F5 to get to Tier 7. But no, my TX will power up and then turns right back off. Currently on hold waiting in the cue to Thrustmaster Support. At least I found out now instead of at the Forza 6 release.

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Sorry to hear that your wheel went out. But yes, better now than when FM6 releases. My first TX did the same thing. Hope you can get it resolved quickly.

mine died also, do another firmware update it might help. mine was dead also but it came back to life when I did an update.

You can’t update it if it won’t stay powered up. This is the 2nd wheel that has done this for me. Maybe 3rd time will be the charm. No if only Thrustmaster would return my email on this. I tried the phone way and was on hold for an hour and twenty minutes before the cut me off. Ghosts of Fanatec anyone?

for what its worth, mine would not power up either, then I plugged it into the computer and it started recalibrating and the lights came back on. i have had nothing but trouble with my x box and my wheel and my headseats. just had to buy a pc in order to troubleshoot why my add on shifter isn’t working. i am not enjoying this, actually I regret the whole experience. I am resisting the urge to throw the whole shebang into the dumpster… I have pre order6 but there is no way i will be racing on launch. i have already given up on that idea. and good luck with thrustmaster support, they are too busy i suppose with the new game coming out. i thought i would just use the wheel without the shifter but it wont calibrate. i cant ever recall having such a nightmare experience with something that costs so much. every time i power on the x box I am relieved when it works, but always expecting it will not. i suppose i will have to buy two of everything in order to have a set up that is working while the other is being repaired. i don’t know, but somehow the dumpster seems like the best solution because I see no end to the problems.

This problem is with it plugged into the PC

Buy a Logitec g920.

Don’t temp me

I have 2TX’s and am getting the G920 cause it will last!

i will pass on the g29…

5 days now and STILL no word from TM. How long does it take for them to reply, I wonder.

It usually takes them about a week to two weeks to respond. The only other thing I could suggest is to actually call them.

I tried emailing them, like you, no response, then I called and talked to a lady, she took my email and after a couple tries they sent me a conformation email to let me know they got my email. then it goes from there.

I did try calling the first night. After waiting on hold for and hour and twenty minutes they disconnected me. I was not a happy camper over that one.

2nd email worked. They replied and said it is usually a bad USB cable that causes my problem and that they will send me a new one and I can install it myself. I hope that will fix the problem.

I have been play phone and email tag with thrustmaster support for the past month, 30 days! they finally sent me an email saying the base needs repaired, asked me for my address and phone number and other information about the console. I sent the information they requested, meantime, I bought another wheel, plugged it in and it works as it should.
At this point I don’t care too much about waiting on thrustmaster support, its pretty obvious they are in no hurry to get this resolved, that is fine with me, I will give it another week, then I will call my attorney.

Does the wheel power up, calibrate and the shut right back off? If so I’m here the rescue! I had the same problem. Done a lil research and found out its the USB cable. I had a longer USB extension laying around so I spliced it into the existing cable. The problem is the break away part. No clue as to why they put that into the cable to begin with. You can either replace the break away with one from a 360 or do like I did and splice in a new cable. Really easy, just cut, twist or solder like colored wires, tape or use heat shrink tubing. Mine has worked fine now for about two weeks.