Two things I would see in FM5

Hello everybody

first of all please excuse my english.

I played to FM5 since 22th of november, and 2 things seem are missing.
The first, the general leaderbord, in FM4 I used to know my place on the all tracks, but now it’s impossible. I know you will not add this function by reading my topic, but please notice I would it back.
The second, is more annoying IMO, when I want to buy a car, I do not know if I get it in my garage, you could signalize it by a little icon, or somethnig else, it would be easier in the choice of the future car.

That’s all, the rest of the game is perfect at my eyes. Maybe, excepting the lack of the Nurb’ track, but I know you will add it asap.

Thanks and best regards.

This is a known issue but sadly Turn 10 are pulling a Polyphony Digital and taking way more time than necessary to fix something so simple. There is already an icon in the game that indicates if you own that car already, but someone goofed and put it in the garage rather than in the dealership. All Turn 10 needs to do is switch which place it appears in.

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