Two steps forward, one step back... but it's progress!

Well it seems there is at the very least one person within T10, hopefully many in reality, making an effort to address the assorted issues raised in the forums recently. Either that or there is an impressive amount of co-incidences going on this week… :slight_smile:

Today I was rather pleased to find that:

  1. le mans le sarthe (full) has been put into some rotations (which im hoping was intentional and not an unintended side effect of the new bugs)
  2. top gear - same deal as above
  3. i managed to remain in a lobby for 4 or 5 races in a row before the dreaded disconnection occurred, which is actually one of the longest runs i’ve had in the past 7 days

Unfortunately it’s not all rainbows and sunshine though as:

  1. league races aren’t earning any points
  2. league races don’t have correct restrictions applied - feel like driving an X class car in the E class league… well today is your lucky day because you can!
  3. there is only a handful of circuits/tracks in rotations now, le sarthe (full) and one of the top gears being like 2 of the total 5 or so
  4. disconnects and unable to find match errors are still occurring, but slightly less

Whilst overall its still not great it’s good to see some progress heading in the right direction. Personally i prefer the way it is now versus the way it has been for the past 6 days… but this is merely the lesser of two evils.

I imagine there could be some people with the opposite view, ie those who werent experiencing many issues over the past 6 days that now have to deal with these new bugs/flaws, but that’s still better than having to deal with the disconnection issues at least, so count youself lucky if you haven’t been suffering those, it could be much worse.

Anyhoo, I just wanted to give a bit of positivity and say thankyou to whoever in T10 is lurking about trying to improve or fix the various things raised by people. It doesn’t go unnoticed or unappreciated and if there was some way i could click’n’donate a beer or similar to those slaving away behind the scenes i would.

PS - if T10 is ever wanting guineapigs for testing updates before they rollout to the masses i’d be happy to throw my hat in the ring, even if it involves some suffering along the way, im a sucker for punishment :wink:

Multiplayer is all glitched today. Read the forums.

It’s more like 1 step forward, 10 steps back.

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