Two players one pc

My daughter is starting to get interested in apex on the pc. Is there any way we can have two single player forza campaigns running on the same machine, different time, of course.

Never played Apex … but don’t you and your daughter have different profiles? Each campaign should be linked to a profile and all you need to do to switch campaigns is switch profiles.


Thanks. You mean outside of the game. Log into windows 10 on another profile. Didn’t think of that.

I was actually talking about different profiles in the game itself. All other Forza games you have to log in to a profile in the game. I’m sure Apex is the same because there are rewards tied to the game … so those rewards have to be linked to an in game profile.

Yeah but I’m pretty sure that your profile and Windows ID are one in the same.


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No, they can be but they don’t have to be. I run Windows on one Live account but Xbox app on another.

OK. They’re not on the XBox … but, like I said, I don’t play Apex on PC so am not that familiar with it.