Two people at the same time?

HI i have signed my daughter up for an Xbox account, so she is part of the family and can play the games that i have bought. she started plating FH4 and so the game started her from the beginning , so i thought that if you went on the xbox and me on the PC o could meetup with her and race, but when i do this it is saying that someone else is logged in to the game,

so i take it that even they she had her one account and game play that only one person can play it at a time?


I’ve never tried it, but if it’s two different accounts, then the only thing I can think of that might be doing it is that it’s treating both games as the same for ‘licensing’ purposes. You bought the game, you can play it on either your Xbox or your PC, or someone in your family can play it on one or the other. But while its in use, the license is in use, and it won’t run on another location.

I had the same problem with the old PC version of Halo back in the day. I was able to install it on any number of PCs, but I could only use it on one at a time. If I tried to run it while it was already running on another machine, it wouldn’t let me. Which made LAN parties kindof awkward.

My understanding is you can only use additional accounts on a single device, the one that you designate as being for offline use.

So you have account A, which owns the game, and account B that doesn’t.

You designate device 1 as the one that can be used offline. You want to use device 2 at the same time.

You must use account B on device 1, and A on device 2. The other way round won’t work.

works with 2 Xbox when 1 designed as principal where everyone logged in can play and secondary where you will need to log to play. I can confirm is works as it is the case for me.

I don’t think same exists between PC and Xbox. Nevertheless I was thinking that live was not required for PC is it ? Have you tried you on Xbox using live account and her on PC ? ( Edit : would require an extra license since no link between PC and Xbox )

btw, I have heard that soon Xbox live will get removed and multiplayer will be free for all but no idea of timeline