Two car mastery points refunded?

Just logged in this morning after playing all day yesterday and the first message I saw was that it said ,“Two car mastery points were refunded”. I was worried that possibly a car had been removed from my garage. But I believe when I went to bed I had 91 cars which I still have now. Did anybody else get that message and what might it be from?

I also received the same message and was refunded 50 skill points.
And there was no change in the cr or car I own.
As of now, I don’t see any announcement about this on PG or FH’s official twitter, or in the in-game message center.
I am also confused as to why.

Something is broken with the forzathon challenge as well the weekly one keeps resetting for me every time I start the game and I have to redo the drift event. Unbelievable how dysfunctional this game is.

Same here. Just logged in again and was refunded 40 mastery points. Pleasant surprise but I’m definitely curious as to why.

Still happening today… just got 31 lol

You guys aren’t selling cars at the auction house are you? The only refund I received was after one of my auctions went through. You get all the mastery points you spent on that vehicle.

Same thing here. It is not an auction house issue. Everything seems ro be ‘functioning online’ but the playlist is down, and points are refunded. I’ve had this happen before and the playlist corrects itself. I don’t want to touch those points unless I’m truly allowef to have them back. There are obviously some serious last-minute pre-launch issues. No reason that I should be able to compete in arcade, open racing, and have playlist and skill points bugged haha.

Strange, though I guess it’s to be expected given the absurd number of bugs this launch has. I can’t see any way they’re gonna have even a fraction of these major issues sorted before tomorrows official launch.

I don’t see this as an issue. Happened to me once, as I sold a car in the auctionhouse. I just sold one, so can’t say, if it always occures.

I assume the issue is related to the latest connection issues with FH5.
I put 37 cars in the auction, only 10 sold, but I got all car mastery points back (185). I tried it again and as soon as the auction is going close to end, you get your mastery points back.

We’ve just had a load (100+) of points refunded, but have not sold through the auction house. Only thought having read others posts elsewhere is it’s related to removing duplicate cars from your garage which you’ve spent skill points on, without driving them. Not sure there’s any risk in using them, not as if I haven’t put up with lots of bugs on a (brilliant BTW) £90 game since launch. Due some credit back!

I got 50 something refunded.
I assumed this compensation for all the lost skill streaks due to the horrible connection issue. I don’t think 50 comes close though :frowning:

If you gifted a car with the barn find gifts you get the mastery points refunded also.

I gifted a car, and got 7 points back.

I’ve got yesterday 135 skill points refunded lol, don’t know why it’s so much though, love the game though first time for me to play an forza game in years

Is this still happening? I do not get a notice of mastery points refunded after I gift or auction a car.

I had 6 points refunded a few days ago but only that one time.

I wonder whether a lot of skill point refunds are related to them changing the Skill Masteries on some cars (presumably like the Jeep) as covered by this in the Hotfix:

“Updated the Car Masteries for various cars to address an exploit”

If you’d spent skill points on something and they removed it, they would then refund the points presumably

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They moved more than just the jeep around. I had other cars with the skills changed.

I only listed the Jeep as that was the only one I was aware of…however, they said “various cars” in thei notes hence why I said “on some cars”

Maybe if you have them still in your garage. I sold over 100 jeeps the last days and beside of the refund at the beginning (approx 200 points) I got nothing more.

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