The Virtual Racing Federation site is now open, with a July launch date. With racing on both the 360 as well as XB1, on Forza 4 and Forza 5, our aim is to be the “fun alternative” to the hardcore online race leagues.

Series due to start include Sport Touring on FM5, DTM (In US Prime time) and “NAFFCar” (low-buck FWDs in C Class) on FM4.

You are all invited to give it a look, and hopefully decide to take a chance and race with us!

Friday, July 4, 2014. 8PM BST/3PM US EDT/12N US PDT

Welcome to the first race of The Virtual Racing Federation, the Firecracker 100 Cool

This race will be held in “open house” format, which means that it will be open to nonmembers, so invite your friends from other sites, other teams, etc. However, due to the lobby cap of 16, the first 16 entries will have guaranteed spots, and anyone who posts in after that will be considered an alternate entry.

There will be no qualifying, as the grid will be lined up randomly.

Last year, we did Classic NASCAR, which was dominated by an El Camino out of the HCR stables. This year, we’ll be breaking out the race proven, insanely equalized Vintage Trans Am cars for a 100 mile romp of the Road Atlanta circuit…

All Cars: 561PI Race: Brakes, Tire Compound, Differentials, Front and Rear Aero, Chassis Reinforcement and Roll Cage Sport: Springs and Dampers, Front and Rear Antiroll Bars (except Javelin is Street), Transmission

1970 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 436 HP, 430 Lb-Ft Torque, 3023 Lbs, 5.9L Race: Pistons, Intake Manifold, Oil and Cooling, Weight Reduction Sport: Driveline, Exhaust, Displacement, Camshaft Tires: F 255/15, R 285/15 Rims: American racing Torq Thrust M

1970 Dodge Challenger R/T 449 HP, 517 Lb-Ft Torque, 3053 Lbs, 7.0L Race: Exhaust, Air Filter, Intake Manifold, Clutch, Driveline, Weight Reduction Sport: Flywheel, Pistons Tires: F 255/15, R 285/15 Rims: American Racing Torq Thrust M

1970 Ford Mustang Boss 429 449 HP. 538 Lb-Ft, 3036 LBs, 7.2L Race: Valves, Displacement, Pistons, Carburetor, Exhaust, Air Filter, Intake Manifold, Weight Reduction Sport: Ignition, Flywheel, Clutch Street: Driveline Tires: F 255/15 R 285/15 Rims: American Racing Torq Thrust M

1970 Mercury Cougar Eliminator 402 HP, 507 Lb-Ft Torque, 3099 Lbs, 7.2L Race: Displacement, Exhaust, Air Filter, Intake Manifold, Driveline Sport: Carburetor, Ignition, Weight Reduction Street: Camshaft, Flywheel, Clutch Tires: F 235/16, R 255/16 Rims: Holeshot Sun Star

1971 AMC Javelin AMX 401 HP, 481 Lb-Ft Torque, 3012 Lbs, 7.2L Race: Displacement, Carburetor, Oil and Cooling, Weight Reduction Sport: Intake Manifold, Camshaft Street: Air Filter, rear anti roll bar. Tires: F 235/15, R 275/15 Rims: American Racing Torq Thrust M

1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1 435 HP, 520 Lb-Ft Torque, 3068 Lbs, 7.0L Race: Valves, Pistons, Ignition, Exhaust, Air Filter, Intake Manifold, Weight Reduction Sport: Carburetor, Driveline Street: Flywheel Tires: F 255/15, R 285/15 Rims: American Racing Torq Thrust M

1971 Plymouth Cuda Hemi 441 HP, 508 Lb-Ft Torque, 3096 Lbs, 7.0L Race: Exhaust, Flywheel, Clutch, Driveline, Weight Reduction Sport: Air Filter Street: Hood Tires: F 235/15, R 245/15 Rims: Holeshot Sun Star

1973 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am SD-455 449 HP, 579 Lb-Ft Torque, 3011 Lbs, 7.7L Race: Displacement, Carburetor, Exhaust, Flywheel, Clutch, Driveline, Weight Reduction Sport: Intake Manifold Street: Pistons, Air Filter Tires: F 255/15, R 285/15 Rims: American Torq Thrust M

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We are still looking for sign ups for our events so why not take a look at see if we are offering anything you fancy joining

The Virtual Racing Federation

We are pleased to announce our first Forza 5 series,


We are starting this in July and are having a test session for anyone that wants to put a little track time in with their car, so if your looking for a series that should be fair/clean and fun then pop along to our site, sign up and join now…


see you on track

The Newest Series to our Forza 5 series is the hotly anticipated Touring Championship.

STCC click me to go there now

This series will feature 5 great cars all painstakingly checked and checked again to make sure they are set to make close fun racing.

The cars are :

Hyundai genesis
Bmw M1 coupe
Rx8 R3
Honda S2000
Toyota Gt86

and with 5 Exciting tracks waiting for these cars it looks like it could be a great start to our Site.

Thanks to COLONEL KEIDEC for putting this series together, its never easy to put these things together and we at VFR appreciate his time and efforts in giving us this sure to be fun



There is no qualifying in this series, each grid is set at random meaning that each race will be an overtaking fest, we choose this so that hop lappers do not always start at the front of the grid, this also gives the quicker guys a bit of a challenge and the slower guy a shot at a good result.


There will be 2 races per round, the first of these will be known as a sprint race, which will be half the laps of race 2 and will have NO pitstop.
The 2nd race will be a feature race, and will have a MANDATORY pit stop this will also be longer in duration, the pit stop may be taken from lap 3 and lap 18 please remember when leaving or entering the pits just to let the room know by calling out your gamertag and letting the room know your entering/leaving the pits,so there is no collisions due to someone trying to pit/leave!


A restart will only happening in the following situations;

  1. The room has been set up wrong.
  2. Someone lags out on the pace lap
  3. Race accident involving 4 or more cars in the opening 2 laps
  4. Any damage on the pace lap


1st place 20
2nd place 16
3rd place 14
4th place 12
5th place 10
6th place 8
7th place 6
8th place 5
9th place 4
10th place 3
11th place 2
12th place 1


No offensive, Racist or sexual designs will be tolerated!!
Ensure you have your race number clearly visable on your car, font choice and colour is up to you but please make sure it is readable.
If you are running as a team then both cars do need to have the same designs.


All assists will be available should you need them, we do not outlaw any as we feel you should be able to drive how you choose, as long as you drive fair and clean your ok with us.

we are still taking sign ups for above events, get in now to secure your spot.

I’ve signed up I think we need more come on guy’s Indy Lights no tuning Any Assist you need it can’t be better than that.

Thanks broom, but mate its stock build but tuning is allowed, and yes any assists can be used.

We do not cater for only the fast driver we cater for anyone that drives fair and clean, we offer races that will bring fun to the fast and slower guys like me, we offer random grid starts so everyone has overtaking to do and a shot at a win.

Why not take a peek and see what you think.

We are also putting together a version of the BTCC featuring 9 cars all checked and tested to provide fair,clean,fun racing.

Our site will continue to offer good series for the community offering fun,fair,clean racing for all levels for driver.

We have now moved to a new domain and are still looking for drivers for all our series, don’t miss your chance to show your track skills

Forza 5 Indy lights series starting soon.

This will be a 5 race series, Races will be held on fridays and will be featuring some iconic indy lights tracks this should be close,fast and enjoyable.

Week 1 - 1st August 2014 - Indy GP -1st race 12 laps- 2nd race 25 laps

Week 2 - 8th August 2014 - Leguna Seca - 1st race 12 laps - 2nd race 25 laps

Week 3 - 15th August 2014 - Rd America - 1st race 12 laps - 2nd race 25 laps

Week 4 - 22nd August 2014 - Long Beach - 1st race 12 laps - 2nd race 25 laps

Week 5 - 29th August 2014 - Indy Oval - 1st race 15 laps - 2nd race 30 laps

Random grids for the races means both fast and slow drivers have a challenge.
The difference in driver ability will be the difference in this series as its all set up to be equal and fair to all drivers, everyone has a shot at starting on pole and even the guys that turn out to be super fast will need to drive from the back some times so it offers them a challenge too.

Race start time is set for a uk 10pm start, this gives both usa and aussie racers a shot of joining in, of course this can change if it benefits the series.


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