TVR TUSCAN S - Appearing In Auction House Early @ 15,000,000

Seems the cheaters be cheatin’ again!

Never seen a single TVR Tuscan S in the auction house over the last two months.

Then, like magic, there’s 25+ available right now @ between 15m and 20m.

Surely this time-travel cheating should be stamped out and offenders banned?

Should be easy to find out who the offenders are as the original owner is tied to the car for life!

It’s highly annoying as it prevents mere mortals like the majority of FH4 users from ever getting a look in with regard tune and livery downloads despite spending months creating and sharing in an attempt to gain legend status.

Totally stinks IMHO!

Especially as it was down to these cheats that most of the law abiding players had the Car Mastery points on all cars in their garage reset to default a while back.

On a personal level, this incident cost me the best part of one week to restore 730 cars to their former status.

If it wasn’t for the time-travel cheats and general code hackers the rest of us wouldn’t have had to endure that major issue.

I know it is in the past but these cheats stole my time along with that of every other law abiding player who had their entire garage inventory reset.

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It’s the 80% reward starting tomorrow. Maybe people are dumping them because they can get one then.

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The Tuscan is an existing car. I suspect the main reason it’s in the AH is that it now has a much higher buyout price than previously and people know they can sell any they have and still get a new free one next week. Good car though - one of my favourites in S1 class.


Some people can’t read. Check Max’s thread about exclusive cars and you’ll find out that the Tuscan is not new.

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I guess that includes yourself because the same thing has already been brought up several times now in this thread… :man_shrugging:t2:

I certainly cashed in on it

Same here, got MAX Buyout for it and it is already replaced in my garage with this Seasons 80% prize.

I got mine four weeks ago so you missed at least one for sure…. :wink:

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Well of course there will have been the odd one pop up. But of all the time I checked, which was many, many times, I never saw one.

I myself had sniped around 10 of them and were lying in my garage for all these months. As soon as I saw their going price, I dumped them in the AH. So no need to be alarmed and believe that people cheated.
2 -3 months back they were popping up every 10-15 secs in AH.

I saw few also, and bought one myself.

You obviously don’t know what cars are new to the game. I’ve had one of these for a long time. Maybe do some research before creating an imaginary scenario to jump up on a soap box and be outraged about. A mod needs to lock these useless threads with false information (or hopefully obliterate them completely).

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Ahem, if you referring to me, then you should shut the hell up and mind your own business!

I know too well which cars are new and old as I have every single car in the game (except for the 812SF), including the Tuscan S which was a prize from previous seasonal event in the early part of 2019.

This car very rarely turned up in the AH and I know that for a fact as I tried to get a second one for a long time (probably two months in total) and looked in the AH up to 5 times a day most days, so very rare indeed.

Obviously there will have been the odd one pop up from time to time, but if you are not in the right place at the right time, the you don’t have a chance.

Then the day before it becomes a progression percentage prize, the AH is absolutely flooded with them.

Now there will be a few people who hoarded them and wanted to make a killing and that’s fair enough as it make total sense.

There will also be a few that sold the only one they owned for a quick 20m as a replacement was on the horizon (sorry for the pun) and again that makes total sense.

But the rest will have been form time-travellers, getting them early in order to sell them before the AH was majorly flooded the following day, destroying the selling price.

Have you seen how many there are now @ 50% of the value of a few days ago (9m vs 20m).

Once over, these would have been snapped up in seconds, even @ 20m.

This is not the way to engage with the community. Consider this a warning.

Playground is already aware of the time adjustment issue:

As always, if you want the developers to hear you, you want them to do something, you observe inappropriate or suspicious behavior, or you want to provide feedback about a feature or the game, the place to do that is on the Support site. Read the existing articles and submit a Ticket.

Thread locked.


And when the price you can sell it for goes up, supply goes up. Basic economics, not cheating.

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This seems to be falling on deaf ears! Of course the economics plays a part, but so does the time-travel cheats who go forward in time (by hacking the time on their PC or XB1) to get the cars early in order to sell them for top whack before the bottom falls out of the market when everyone else gets them when they are supposed to.