there is a spelling mistake on the help menu under what’s new on the 5 page saying 'don’t have to time earn credits?
i thought id let you know about this to fix it
i also thing i should get a reward for spotting it so my gamertag is xtraedge133 but u should already know!!!

“don’t have to time earn credits?” <------Do you mean there’s a spelling error in that exact phrase? (There’s not.)

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another mistake or glitch is that the place you change ur badges is different as it says region twice and in the region slot ther are affintys from a to h and in affinty (a-c) there is affinty i to o and finally in affinty (d-j) is p to v
another mistake to be fixed

edited to change it to read:

I suspect with other slight flaws in the game these will be sorted out in time :slight_smile:

And this stops here.


I’m sure they already know. If they had time to fix little mistakes like that, they would.

I’m sure they know that the header for the Supercharger in the “Aspiration Conversation” is “Race Springs and Dampers” too, but doubt that it’s something they will fix. Right now, I’m sure the only fix issues that are game breakers and actually affect our game play.

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Weird. That must be like the gold and chrome label glitch, that only seems to show for certain people. It shows up correct in my menus.

But yeah, I also doubt it’s high priority to fix it.

Hmmmmm. You have words in the wrong order, but on my game it says, “Don’t have time to earn credits?”. Not sure if you’re in a different region or something, and seeing something different from me, but everything is correct when I look at it.

Same thing with the affinity badges. Mine are all in the correct places. There’s only one region header, and it only contains flags for different countries.

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These errors seemed to affect everyone when the game was released (aside form the slight grammar error that seems to be a language selection issue) - like yourself, mine are now correct, and were fixed with one of the first patches but for some they don’t seem to be getting fixed when the patch is applied. Maybe tied to a car pack?

You can contact the developers by email at forzafb@microsoft.com


Topic totally off topic now and OP had had their answer as quoted above.

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It bothers me, when someone tries to correct someones spelling, or grammar, and has bad spelling or grammar in their own posts, I just… raises hand , then lowers it again and just walks away

I think I seen a thread about that the other day! o.O

But yes, everything looks fine to me when I look at it, I am not sure where the mistake is??

I know in Horizon, in French, there is a few errors of the accord in plural when the game is loading. I know it’s an error because I am very good and strong in French, not English.

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You can simply say “Don’t have time to earn credits?”, as time isn’t a countable object.

I think the error is the order of to and the. Don’t have to time earn credits? To has to be after time. I’m not too sure. If only this was French!

Yeah, I’m not doubting he’s seeing something, considering the history of these glitches. It definitely seems to be an all or nothing type thing though. Very odd.

I’d agree though. It certainly looks like something happens when various patches are applied, because I remember having a very similar conversation over the special paint colors. My game was fine when others were still reporting that the color names were not correct.

spelling mistake
first normal region title
second region with abarth affinity level 25 on side
affinity (a-c) with infiniti affinity level 25 on the side
affinity (d-j) with pagani affinity level 25 on side

well that worked

Oh weird. I can still read French, and I haven’t spoken it in over 20 years. Explains why I can’t remember where I left my keys today. My brain is full of unused French. O_o

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