Turn10 should do list:

  1. Fix the split screen mode
    -Copit view
    -Add the night / wet tracks
  • Player2 able to use player1’s garage tuned cars
  • Game option (drift, drag, race etc)
  • Change hud (enabling drift hud)
  • Save Reply
  1. Remove the action adventure music and replace it with some cool progressive electro / rock and beeing able to set it in race music: High/low/off

  2. Fix Failed to get server match list ( i have 10.04 mbps down, 231ms, 0% pack loss, and Open nat)

  3. Fix vip badge issue

  4. Fix some copit views in several cars and make 360 look arround inside the car, make it more realistic copit view,
    not like it is now when you turn (R) 90 degrees and more your view starts outside the car…
    (we aleredy have the RB button to jump to the rear bumper camera)
    ( and we will have the hood view if we want to have the cameras outside the car )

  5. Add more Homespaces

  6. Make the career mode more user friendly like show if its C or B class im doing and maybe show the limit point some events is for example A class (A650) and another is limited (A660)

  7. Add a High Beam light for the (L) trigger (1 click dimm and hold 1-1,5 second on / off) and a Horn for The (R) trigger (maybe a horn type selection option in the menus)

  8. Add damage wear in the right side above rpm and speedometer when pressing right or left d-pad since the up and down d-pad is aleredy assigned to the telemetry…

ye thats about it for now, ill keep commenting more if i come across some missings as i play the game… i know some of this will never happen but please consider it,
and make this forza the next gen motorsport game as it should be.

#1: Audio sliders

Use the wishlist pkease.